Emergency Roadside Assistance

Road Assistant Dubai

Emirates Car Recovery provide twenty four hours Emergency Road Assistant Services at Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi.

Towing Services

If clients meets with a physical issue and can't move, Emirates Car Recovery can tow the vehicle into the clients carport.

Recovery Service

We're providing recovery services in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Our professional drivers are available 24 hours support.


Bike Recovery Services

Bike recovery & transport specialist, recovering, moving & shipping all bikes and Scooters in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi.

Battery Boosting

An optimized battery is important for the activity of your vehicle & when it fizzles. We offer Battery helping in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Sand / Desert Pull Out

Emirates Car Recovery offering extraordinary emergency service for cars and vehicles trapped in desert or sandy pit.

Tamale Dithan
Tamale Dithan
It was best ever guy was very nice he pullout me from dessert and take it to petrol station name Asif
Amir C H
Amir C H
Very good service
Ontime and fast…! guy came and took car to Garrage Recommended service
Puneet Goswami
Puneet Goswami
My car got stuck in the sand next to the main road near umm Suqeim road, i called and i asked the price the person said, he will send somebody and was not telling me the price for the service, when i insisted a lot of times, he said 100 for tow truck and 300 for 4x4. I said please send the tow truck, after 25mins the driver came. He said i will take 130. I said but the person on phone asked 100. I said no problem, take out my car as it was around 11 at night. He took out my car and we went to atm to take out the cash. I gave him 130 and a water bottle. The driver said the price is 150. I was shocked i said your friend said 100 and then you said 130 and now you are asking for 150z it’s not fair, i called the person i talked to first he said no it’s 150 only. It was really shocking how people can do this when someone is in need. In the end i gave him 150, i hope people can read this and choose wisely in future for their services.
Amna Hafeez
Amna Hafeez
Excellent service provided very quickly 👍👍one of the best service
Mian Khaliq
Mian Khaliq
Great experience


Roadside assistance is a collective name given to different services which are offered to motorists who are stranded for various reasons including dead battery, flat tire, collision, faulty engine, leaking engine or gear oil, as well as any others. We provide towing services and, on the site, mechanical aid including battery or tire replacement.
Emirates Car Recovery offers the best services within reasonable prices, we maintain competitive pricing.
It depends on how far you are out of our nearest service centre. However, in most cases, we reach within a maximum of 30 minutes. If it will take longer than that, we will let you know beforehand.
We can take it anywhere you want. We offer on-site maintenance services as well. Also, we can take it your home, office, or preferred workshop.
Yes, you can. We will give you access to your car in no time at all. However, if a spare key needs to be made or arranged, there will be separate charges for it.


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